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SBP was founded by Raven Petretti-Stamper in 2000. The company generally produces original one-acts, about love, in NYC. And though the goal is always to get a few chuckles out of the crowd, we've been known to include a drama or two.


Love Shorts

Love Shorts featured five one-acts and had the audience in stitches. Shows included: Waleed & Mary by Raven Petretti, Turn to Me by Sean Behrens, Fish Tacos by Raven Petretti, Swing by Lawrence F. Schwabacher and Kung Foolery by Brett Hursey.


The Crime is in Getting Caught

From writer Raven Petretti and director Janet Mowat, this funny tale about nuptials, cheating and maybe a couple of cuss words is sure to please.  The show has featured: Nicole Beninato, Chelsea Clark, John Cosentino, Julio Trinidad and Michael Veasey.

Hannah Beck stars as Charlie in a preview of Fish Tacos.

Fish Tacos

See a preview of Fish Tacos from writer Raven Petretti and director David Stamper.  Cast includes: Hannah Beck and Sean Hoagland.

Bridget Tarma and Bryant Boom starred in the original production of Never Let Go.

Never Let Go

This multi character tale, written by Raven Petretti,  is about a woman who finds herself trapped in an elevator with People's Sexiest Man Alive. Try not to laugh as they fall in love and attempt escape. This show has starred: Bridget Trama, Bryant Boon, Michael Nemeth. 


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