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2020: A Fantasy

Strange Bird Productions, in association with Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Strange Bird Productions & Manhattan Repertory Theatre will join forces to present 2020: A Fantasy in October. 

Will love Trump all? 2020: A Fantasy invites the audience to take a peek behind closed doors and see how a married couple fight to keep the fire -- and themselves -- alive during extremely trying political times.  

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Strange Bird Productions will be holding auditions for 2020: A Fantasy on Aug 24th in Manhattan. To be considered please send your headshot/resume and reel link to

SHE:  A young 48 year old, she’s gained 10 pounds recently, stylish and very vocal politically. She is a strong woman and even under these circumstances, she loves her husband, sometimes. 

 A young 48 year old, fit and very easy going. He leans right and he is a protector, in his own way. He thinks he is very evolved but he has days where it’s a bit of a struggle. This is one of them.